Monday, June 8, 2009

Mutha of the Year

Ok, the only person noticing that I haven't written for forever is my stepmom, Rosemary~ thank you for being my one and only reader! Yea you! So, I'm feeling a little guilt for neglecting this blog that I was so gung ho about one year ago. I'm a starter, not a finisher, per se.

I can finally tell you a "working mom" type story without getting in trouble with my company due to it's extremely confidential and conservative nature. Yippee~! So, I'm sitting in a rough around the edges doctor's office waiting to go back and talk with the docs in the extremely stuffy, pathogen infested waiting room, wondering what venereal diseases are lurking on the cracked, vinyl chair beneath my big fat ass. Eww.

In walks two women with two little ones. I couldn't initially figure out the ages of the women, I had to guess maybe in their late 20's? I later learned that one was the GRANDMOTHER and the other the mother. The kids were about 2 and 3 years old. Super cuties. They sit right next to me despite the multitude of other rows and rows of vacant VD chairs. The little 3 year finds the childrens' books that the office so graciously has available offering a subliminally pro-literacy alternative to the CNN Accent on Health TV that hangs multiply bolted on the ceiling, for obvious reasons.

The little 3 year old boy asks his mommy, "Mommy will you pweese read me this book?" The mommy impatiently snaps, "NO, now go sit over there and watch TV!" I was impressed that the kid said please without any prompting.

The little one asks again, "Pweese mommy, read!" Mommy angrily looks up from intense texting and screams, "WHATEVER! GO WATCH TV AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" I audibly gasped.

Now, have I ever encouraged a little TV watching when I needed to get stuff done? But of course. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. She was just texting. And mind you, on a phone that was way scmancier than mine. This did not irritate me until she started talking to amazingly young grandma about waiting for her Welfare check to come and "When was it F-ING going to come?!" You and I are paying for that fancy phone, probably not stuff for the kids like books or food like it should be intended for. I was steamed. Thank goodness they called me back so I didn't have to witness any more ungrateful texting.

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